Manned Security Guards
SecuriCORE is one of the leading advanced security technologies integrator which has been operating in Bahrain since 2002.  As a pioneer in the industry, SecuriCORE has unique distinction of providing solutions in both manned guarding as well as electronic security systems. It maintains the highest-level of security standards for its elite clients in Bahrain by incorporating the ISO standards, ISO 9001:2008, into the management system.  As the leading security integrator in Bahrain, SecuriCORE makes use of its extensive experience and latest available technologies to offer the best security solutions to its clients.

Management Experience:

SecuriCORE management has an extensive background in law enforcement in the Kingdom of Bahrain and private security service whose expertise in operating the Security Service has been passed on to the entire Team. Hence you receive the finest security guarding service available in the Kingdom of Bahrain.
All the services provided by the company are highly calibrated to international standards. Securicore’s high international security standards have enabled it to provide its security consultancy and services to its clientele from various sectors, like Government, Diplomatic, Oil and Gas, Power, Education, Industrial, Hospitality, Financial, Retail and many more.

Why Choose SecuriCORE Manned Security Services?
We at SecuriCORE specialize in advanced security technologies integration along with the supply of manned security solutions which is of international standard. The quality of our services have kept our valuable customers highly satisfied for years and this has resulted in very high contract renewal ratios as well as any new security needs are also met by us.

Our Manned Guarding Services Include:

  • Security Guards Supply

  • Security Consultancy & Management

Our Guards are professionally trained to handle any type of situations. We have the distinction of catering to the security needs of a wide variety of clients, combined with our 24 hour mobile supervision with the aid of our 24x7 control room equipped with GPS tracking of patrol vehicle and toll free number for 24 hour accessibility, we make sure that the clients are free from security worries at all times.


Control Room:

SecuriCORE security services is equipped with the latest 24 hour control room back at its head office for 24X7 emergency assistance to the security staff as well as the clients free of charge. It is manned by control room officers who know the local dialect as well as other dialects of the security guards for effective communications keep track of the daily activities of the sites by maintaining incident logs as well as track the patrolling vehicles using GPS tracking devises. The control room also has emergency drivers to be used in case of any emergency.

Toll Free Number 80001199:

The SecuriCORE control room TOLL FREE NUMBER 80001199 is at the disposal of the customer and the security guards 24x7 for any kind of security help required without any additional charges to the customer. All calls received are logged in and are recorded for documentation purpose. The control room provides the caller with immediate and effective solution for the complaint received.

Mobile Supervision:

SecuriCORE security services comes with 24 Hour mobile patrol supervision, as an additional package to the client free of cost along with 24 hour hotline number in each patrol vehicle for emergency contact. All SecuriCORE mobile patrol vehicles are equipped with the latest GPS vehicle tracking devices for accountability and directions in case of emergency dispatch.

Operation Officer:

SecuriCORE  security service includes the provision of one operation officer for the client site for daily client interaction for better site management in addition to the security guards supplied for client liaison.
Private Security Guard Service and Security Patrol:
When you hire a private security guard from SecuriCORE, you get more than just a friendly, courteous sentry who makes your premises feel safer and more pleasant.

  • You get a highly trained, licensed and experienced security guard who can protect your personal safety and your property.

  • You get a fast-thinking and quick-acting private security guard who knows how to respond to an emergency.

  • You get an expert whose presence alone deters criminals and trouble-makers.

And yes, you'll also get a courteous individual ready to lend a helping hand and become part of your community or place of work. It's all part of the total security guarding service we offer our clients. Members of our security patrol team are:

  • Always in uniform.

  • Trained to act quickly in the interests of public safety.

  • Suitable for posts requiring public interaction.

  • Available for temporary or permanent postings.

SecuriCORE combines periodic inspections with highly visible vehicles to provide a patrol service that discourages criminals from targeting your site. Mobile patrol services can be fully customized to meet your needs, whether you require high frequency patrols or a specific visit to monitor and secure your property. To assist in the prevention, deterrence and detection of vandalism, theft or safety-related concerns, our trained patrol officers will provide the following services:
To ensure peak performance from each security guard, patrol officers visit and evaluate each client's account as often as necessary.  These GPS & mobile hotline equipped patrol officers are ready to be dispatched to any trouble spot immediately.  This is the kind of readiness that makes even the best security officer a better security officer.
Supervisors are trained on every post located within their assigned areas and are able to quickly train new personnel who may be assigned to the account.  The experience and knowledge of patrol officers enhance the skilled and efficient performance of the security officer.


  • Quality individuals who are dependable and trained in all aspects of security.

  • Individuals with professional attitudes and good communication skills.

  • Uniformed officers with proper equipment and a professional appearance.

  • Same officer, same post - thus maintaining consistency.

  • Match the client's security needs with each officer's individual skills.

  • Written, detailed and accurate reports provided daily on all accounts.

  • Mobile supervisors who make unscheduled visit to on-duty officer’s 24-hours a day and who can substitute for security officers if the need arises.

With Pride and Confidence SecuriCORE Offers:

  • A thorough security inspection of your facility.

  • A customized security program designed around each client's needs.

  • Operation Officers who contact each account atleast twice a week to evaluate and ensure client satisfaction.

  • Management personnel on duty 24-hours a day to resolve any problems that may arise.

  • Client approval of all security officers assigned to their location.

  • Immediate response to all requests for changes or problem resolution.

  • Patrol Officers and patrol vehicles 24-hours a day.

  • Screening of all potential security officers with initial in-depth interview and an investigation of the individual's past employment records, criminal background check, and motor vehicle records.  Drug testing is also a provision.

  • Two full-time instructors, to conduct all training of our security officers.

  • Comprehensive external training for all officers whose assignments bring them in direct contact with the public.


All security companies talk about their supervision, but SecuriCORE SUPERVISES.  Above all else, supervision is what makes The SecuriCORE Difference. To ensure peak performance from each security guard, every client is assigned one operation officer. These officers handle multiple clients and are the day to day contact between the client and the security guards. The operation officers review and evaluate each client's account as often as necessary.  They are always ready to reach to any trouble spot immediately.  This is the kind of readiness that makes even the best security guard a better security guard. The operation officers brief and train security guards on every post located within their assigned areas and are able to quickly train new personnel who may be assigned to the account.  The experience and knowledge of the operation officers enhance the skill and performance of the security guards.